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Here you are in Seattle and it's moving day. Out with the old and into the new place and on to the exciting move that awaits you and your belongings.

Exciting may not be the most appropriate word to use, however, as any move can be quite daunting and those little things that should be easy to remember and do can become bogged down in the mire that is your move.

As you prepare for your move you will want to look around the Seattle home you are vacating and think about those little, but important things that you will be wise to remember and take care of well in advance.

First take walk to your kitchen and look at the phone. Of course you will pack the phone and have it readily available when you move in to your new place, but the service for the phone will not be in use if you do not disconnect the line and have it reconnected at your new home.

Many people have their internet service provided by either their phone company or their cable provider and in today's world the internet is an important tool for work, research and fun. What a shame it would be to continue working after you've left but have no signal at all when you're in your new home.

Water and your other utilities are not always thought of frequently, but they are more important than most. When you move into that new residence you will want to clean things, wash dishes and if there is a pool maybe fill it a little higher. That can only be achieved if you make sure to turn it off at the old place and on in the new!

All too often when people move they forget to have a utility shut off at their old place and turned on at the new one. The hassles this can cause are many, especially if the weather is brutal and you've forgotten to have the electricity turned on in the new place while you old place is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

If you have a business that you run out of your home and you have forgotten to switch the phone lines with your commercial move you stand the chance of missing important phone calls and faxes, which can be quite a disruption to your job.

You will want to shower and refresh yourself after the long-distance move around Seattle and if the water is not switched and turned on you will need to possibly wait days before someone from the city or water company can show up and turn it on for you.

All of these, and there are many more, are nothing short of nuisance and will affect your move and your mood, and if you are still being charged for services left on it will take your day even lower as you try to rectify the situation.

To be prepared for your Seattle movers make sure to take the time to turn off and switch all of your utilities and also take a moment to ask you postal carrier for change of address forms well in advance of your move.

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